Friday, March 5, 2010

Sheena's Rant: when the fuck can a bitch log in?!

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So after my week hiatus, I come back to this bullshit...PK won't load for me. PK won't load for a lot of people. 5 days, 5 hours and 9 minutes later the servers keep timing out on the "Downloading Data" section.

So my inside source tells me that the new update is going to be off the hook. Poisoned weapons, crowns and tiaras and ice feathers and countless other things. The downside is that everything in the PK economy has skyrocketed and trade posts are running low on supplies and the lag has intensified. Not only is lag intense I heard, half of us cannot sign on to play. Times like these make me feel dumb for whipping out my credit card (goes back to my 12 Fuck You's...what the fuck am I paying for?!).

When I finally get to log in, who knows when that is, I hope it's all worth it. Scammers and billionaires are havin a field day I bet.


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